Things are coming along quite smoothly for this year’s MWPS Family Fun Day.  The Rides are booked, the Stall Co-ordinators are getting their projects started and the Silent Auction donations, sponsorships and goods are rolling in.  A huge thank you to all who donated a jar filled with goodies for our Mystery Jar Stall.  We will have another “Out of Uniform” day this term, so keep collecting those jars and goodies.  



 A Maths Garden uses pavers, plants, patterns and sculpture to illustrate mathematical concepts.
  • Concepts of measurement, multiplication, time, shape, angle and comparison are illustrated throughout the garden.
  • A human sundial enables children to stand on the paving of the current month and tell the time from where their shadows fall.
  • Square metre pavers are measured out with centimetre marks, deciduous trees illustrate time's passage, plants in lines and groups explain multiplication and a giant compass shows obtuse and acute angles. 
  • Poles of varying heights and diameters explain averages and elastic between the poles creates different shapes.

This is what a Maths’ Garden can be, and more.
A school in Mill Park has created the above, and teachers from Mt Waverley Primary School have been lucky enough to have viewed their garden.

It is such a wonderful concept that we are now going to create our own at Mt Waverley Primary School. 

The money raised through this year’s MWPS Family Fun Day 
will fund the new MWPS Maths’ Garden.

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